Vun Doubblestein

I first met Bradley in 2013 when our institution began implementing a university-wide web content management system (CMS) and I received training from him to learn to use the new system. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the training and frankly, was not entirely thrilled to have to spend three hours in a technical training session. Within minutes of meeting Bradley, however, he quickly put my mind at ease. He was very personable and calm, and also very knowledgeable and professional. He was able to assess my skill level on the spot and adapt the training content and delivery method to my proficiency level and learning style. The training session went by smoothly and I did not feel like any of the information from the training was redundant.

I have continued to reach out to Bradley with questions about CMS and web-related issues throughout the years. Each time, he has been very prompt and thorough with his responses. It is obvious that he takes pride in what he does and has a strong desire to help others succeed. I have also referred colleagues with CMS and web-related issues to him and he often goes above and beyond what is expected of him to help his colleagues succeed in their projects. He is very good at explaining technical concepts to someone who has less technical knowledge than he does, and this quality is very much appreciated by colleagues who have minimal technical knowledge.