Wolcott Redesign

Once I got settled in our new home in Vermont, I went down to the town offices and introduced myself. I met Kurt Klein, the Town of Wolcott project manager, and told him I was here indefinitely and what could I do to help.

Melinda Clynes

Bradley is responsive, creative, calm and cool! Love working with him on the Southwest Michigan Journalism Collaborative website.

Phillip Swartz

Bradley really knocked outta the park! He made a great website for my business that really captures our mission in a succinct and aesthetically pleasing way. His work is generating a lot of leads for our growing business.

I was a Covid layoff

My job was Senior Web Content Specialist at Western Michigan University. I designed, developed, and maintained websites central to the University’s mission—the only job of its kind.

The Greenway Project

Once upon a time, in college, I was a found-object artist with an emphasis on not assemblage (i.e., I preferred nuts and bolts over the welder). During my (7th) senior year, myself and three others, pooled our grant money together and contributed an impenetrable piece we collectively dubbed, “The Direction Finder.”